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Durability of Epoxy on Countertops

Epoxy is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to finish a table, counter, or other furniture item. However, some people may question the durability of different epoxy products on countertops. So, in this article I’ll be walking you through everything you need to know about using epoxy for countertops including how it’s different from other epoxies, how long you can expect it to last, as well as how to prevent scratches or yellowing.

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What Type of Epoxy Should You Use?

There are specific types of epoxies that are better for different types of projects. Countertops require specific type of epoxy that has special features! Here are a few things you should look for on the label before purchasing an epoxy for your countertops!

  • Self-Leveling: You want to ensure that you purchase an epoxy that is self-leveling. This way, you can use your spreader and trust that you will get a smooth, even finish after applying your epoxy. If your epoxy isn’t self-leveling, it may have some uneven sections that would be especially annoying on a surface where you are trying to cook or serve customers.
  • A Gallon (or More): If you are working with a countertop project, the last thing you need is to run out of epoxy. It’s terrible to pour your mixture only to find that it doesn’t reach the entirety of your countertop! I recommend using an epoxy that comes in at least a gallon size jug. Read the label to ensure it makes enough epoxy to cover your entire surface, especially if you are working with a very wide or long countertop! The label should tell you how many square feet the bottle of epoxy should cover.
  • Heat-Resistant: If you’ll be using this epoxy in a kitchen environment, you’ll want to ensure it is an epoxy that can withstand higher heats. This way, it can be exposed to hot plates, pans, and baking dishes without worry. Read more on high temperature epoxy.
  • Scratch-Resistant: Countertops are forced to handle a lot throughout the day. Because of this, you must have an epoxy that is resistant to scratching. Otherwise, you may love your countertops…but only for the first week or so. So, be sure the label emphasizes a scratch-resistant formula before making a purchase!

These four parameters are vital to choosing an epoxy that will properly work for a countertop project! Incredible Solutions and East Coast Resin are just a few examples of countertop epoxy. These types of epoxies are much different from casting resins or other small project epoxies as they are much more durable and better suited for your project!

If you’ve been asking, “how long do epoxy countertops last?” then keep on reading while we walk through ways to preserve your countertops and maximize their durability!

How Durable is Epoxy on Countertops? 

Epoxy is a highly durable product that should last a long time if you choose the right kind! Because it is moisture resistant, you shouldn’t have any issues using it in a kitchen environment. It is also super scratch resistant, which is awesome! Epoxy should essentially last forever if it is maintained properly, so let’s dig into that!

First, you’ll want to clean spills immediately to prevent staining. If you do notice a stain, it should come up easily by using an acetone-based nail polish remover! Make sure to clean it with a glass cleaner regularly; you can also shine it with a mineral oil, so it really pops! If you really want to take it to the next level, you can purchase a buffer attachment for your electric drill and buff your countertops using polishing paste! Make sure to dry the countertop after completing your maintenance treatment! Your epoxy countertop durability shouldn’t even be a question if you take the proper time to maintain your counters!


Epoxy can be a fantastic product for countertops, but it greatly depends on the specific product you use. Before you ever use an epoxy on countertops, make sure you know exactly how to use it otherwise you could ruin your countertops! You also want to read the reviews and product specifications before deciding which specific product to use. Then, you may want to try out the product you decide to make sure you’re comfortable using it!

Before buying, you’ll also want to double check that your product is self-leveling, a gallon or more, heat-resistant, and scratch-resistant. These four product details make for an incredibly durable, lovely epoxy finish you can love for years to come! Be sure to properly maintain it to preserve it and keep it looking brand new!

You can do this with a few simple steps every week or every few months depending on your epoxy. Be sure to keep an eye on it to determine how best to take care of it! After applying and finishing the epoxy, you will then have a set of beautiful epoxy countertops you will love for many years to come!