East Coast Resin Review – Epoxy Countertop DIY

East Coast Resin Review

One of the most popular ways of protecting wood and creating beautiful bar tops and tables is to use epoxy. It can also be used on a variety of other projects and in situations where you may want to seal unique treasures into those table tops. However, not all epoxy products are created equal. Most people want quick drying and easy to use brands. One of the most popular brands according to many people is East Coast Resin. To find out why they love it; read through our East Coast Resin review.

Small 16oz Epoxy Kit

16oz Epoxy Kit

Why Many Choose East Coast Resin

You should always mix one part resin to one part hardener. Mix it thoroughly to ensure that it will set properly. As a general rule, you will have about 30 minutes of time to work the epoxy once you have spread it out. This does depend on the amount that you are working with.

This epoxy is completely odorless. You will not have to worry about smelling a strong chemical while you are working with it or waiting for it to dry. It goes on clear and stays that way throughout drying.

Once dry, you will find that you have a super glossy finish that is durable. It is both water and scratch resistant so that you can use your table or bar without worry that you will damage the finished product. This ensures that it is very easy to care for once your project is finished.

East Coast Resin Epoxy Projects

With your purchase, you will get one gallon to work with. If you do not need all of it at one time, you will need to measure it out so that you are using one part of each. In large areas, you may choose to mix each full half gallon at one time. However, you will still have to work with it in the 30-35-minute time frame before it begins to solidify.

One gallon mixed will give you an area of coverage that is approximately 25 square feet. If you want a thick layer, you may need to purchase another gallon kit to get it thickened. For a 25sq ft. area you can expect it to be less than 1/4-inch deep in epoxy.

If you choose to apply thin layers of East Coast Resin and build up the epoxy slowly; you do not have to sand it between layers. You simply need to let the coats dry thoroughly and then apply your next coat. It will not become cloudy if you opt to apply it in layers and layers are recommended on surfaces that you want to be more than a 1/2 inch thick.

East Coast Resin In Use

This epoxy can be used as an adhesive. This means you can attach rocks to a waterfall using it or shells to a mirror if you want to. Just make sure that you are working with it when the temperature is between 70-80 degrees to prevent it from setting too quickly. Then allow it to dry for between 16-24 hours before messing with it again.

If you want to mix sand or sawdust into your epoxy, you can do that with East Coast Resin. Simply mix the resin and hardener together and then add your dry stuff to it. Mix it quickly and then pour it on your surface area immediately. Keep in mind that the dry stuff will settle to the bottom.

East Coast Resin Table Top Epoxy

Is East Coast Resin Easy to Use?

This resin and hardener is very easy to work with, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. When mixing a large amount, you will want to ensure that you have a large container. Once the mixture begins building up heat, it is starting to set. You need to be ready to work quickly once you start mixing. Mix thoroughly for a couple minutes and then pour or spread it out. If the mixture sets too hard, it will become impossible to work with.

You cannot spray this mixture onto any surface. It becomes a very thick, glue-like texture that will not spray. In situations where you may want to spray it on, it will be best to use a roller. There is no way for you to thin it out without lessening its ability to set.

If there ever comes a time when it does not set properly; it could be because you did not mix it properly or you scraped the sides of your mixing container. The mixture on the outside edge of a mixing container has most likely already set too firmly to be usable on your surface area. Never scrape the sides, just use the mixture that flows out freely.

East Coast Resin epoxy can be used as fiberglass for boats. It is safe to use in the marine environment. You simply have to follow the directions that are included with each kit and work when temperatures are cool.

Should You Try East Coast Resin?

This epoxy brand holds a 4.5-star rating and most all users are happy to purchase and use it again on future projects. Most people have never had an issue with bubbles. However, most all say that it is definitely going to help you achieve success if you take the time to read the directions for use carefully.