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FamoWood Super Glaze Coat Epoxy Review

Epoxy is a popular crafting technique used and loved by many. It has really gained some traction in the past few years, prompting more and more companies to produce their own epoxy products. Today, we’ll be going through the Famowood epoxy product and talking about everything it has to offer.

We’ll go through pricing, benefits, issues you may run into, and what customers have to say about this epoxy product. So, let’s get started!

famowood glaze coat epoxy

Cost of Famowood Glaze Coat 

The FamoWood Glaze Coat is currently selling on Amazon for roughly $60. This is for one gallon of the product. This is a pretty average price for an epoxy product of this size.

You can get a lot out of this size epoxy depending on the type of project you are working on. If you were to use the entire gallon that comes in this product, you’d be able to cover about 25.6 square feet (2.37 square meters). So, if you’re doing a large table, a few small tables, or a bunch of smaller pieces, you’ll be able to take care of all of these projects with just this one product.

Details About FamoWood Epoxy

The FamoWood epoxy is a super glaze epoxy which means that it's incredibly glossy--it claims to look the same as 70 coats of varnish. This epoxy comes with an easy-to-use hardener that only needs a one-to-one ratio for mixing. This makes it incredibly easy to use for both newbies and veterans!

famowood epoxy glaze

This product can be used on any non-waxy material and is self-leveling--this means you’ll get an even pour without having to do hardly any work on your part! This epoxy is only meant for projects that will stay indoors, so don’t use this epoxy for a table on your patio!

The FamoWood epoxy can withstand temperatures up to 120°F. Anything over this, and you will harm your epoxy product, so be careful! While this epoxy is branded for pouring over bar tops, tables, and other large furniture pieces, it can be used for an assortment of projects. You can use it to encase your favorite memorabilia, photographs, paintings, and more! This product also comes in pint and quart sizes if you don’t need an entire gallon.

This product is not food or water safe, so you cannot use it to coat a plate or make cups. You can use paints and pigments to color this product, however it is recommended to test this in a small amount before adding it to your entire mix. This epoxy also has little to no odor which is a great benefit of this product since it is meant for indoor use. There may be some bubbling with this product though, so you’ll want to have a heat gun or torch available to coax the bubbles out.

What Customers Have to Say About FamoWoood 

famowood glaze coat

I collected some FamoWood glaze coat reviews to learn what problems other customers run into and how they like the product. Typically, users have loved using this epoxy product. It seems that some customers have run into issues the first few times they used it but got the hang of it and ended up loving it.

Customers have consistently reported that this epoxy dries to an incredibly hard, super glossy finish. They enjoyed the easy to use 1:1 ratio and the minimal odor from this product. Customers have used this epoxy for many types of projects like furniture, artwork, small objects, and more!

Some glaze coat epoxy problems that users ran into include the epoxy not flowing and leveling as well as they’d hoped. Other customers mentioned issues with it hardening properly, however this is likely due to a ratio mixing issue. It is vital that you read the directions very carefully and follow them exactly. Also, you may want to do a practice round if it’s your first time using this epoxy product!

Final Thoughts on the FamoWood 

Overall, this seems to be a great epoxy product that many people enjoy using. While it can be a little tricky to figure out, it can make beautiful tables, art projects, and more! It is moderately priced for the amount you get which is a great benefit.

One gallon will cover about 25.6 square feet, so be sure to measure your surfaces and order enough product before you begin! This high-gloss finish epoxy will dry hard as a rock, perfect for whatever project you have in mind.

Just be sure to thoroughly read and follow the directions for this product. Some users experienced issues with mixing the proper ratios, so save yourself some time and take it slow! Do this and you’ll enjoy using this epoxy product for many projects to come!