Specialty Resin & Chemical Epox-It Review – Epoxy Countertop DIY

Specialty Resin & Chemical Epox-It Review

The Specialty Resin epoxy resin kit enables you to mix only the amount you need. This is to be mixed at a ratio of 1:1 or one part of A and an equal amount of B. The high gloss coating makes it ideal for bar tops, table tops, counter tops, clear models, jewelry, and anything else you may want to create.

One gallon of epoxy will cover approximately 24 square feet of surface area. At that rate the depth will be 1/16 inches thick. If you need it to go thicker, you can layer it. Each layer will add thickness while maintaining the clarity that you want.

Epox-It is UV protected. UV inhibitors added to it to ensure that it does not turn yellow over time. However, the inhibitors cannot protect it if you leave it out in the sun for long periods of time. If you are using it on an outdoor surface, it may yellow throughout the years. This is not much different than all other epoxy brands, but should be noted.

Within only 6-8 hours you can add another layer of epoxy to your project. When you are finished with all layers, the tackiness should be gone within 24 hours. However, it will take it approximately 3 days to cure completely.

Is Epox-It Easy to Use?

Simply mix it and pour it on or spread it out. It really is just that easy! It goes on in a liquid form and will self-level out as it sets. On table tops, you should expect it to run off the edges so that if you want it 1/8 inches thick, you will have to apply a second layer. In formed frames, it will become as deep as the form allows it to be. It cannot be sprayed on or applied to vertical surfaces because it will run. The liquid is also too thick for a sprayer. However, it can be used for all crafting projects and even on boats or other marine items because you have the option to spread it out with a foam spatula. Brushing it on is not recommended.

Specialty Resin Wood Epoxy

Those that have used it say that it does exactly what they had hoped for. Most say that it is easy to work with and puts a mirror shine on their projects. Those who have had reason to contact customer support, say that their questions were answered quickly by knowledgeable staff, who wanted to make sure that they were satisfied. They also love how it is cheaper than other types of epoxy. This is why it has a 5-star rating on the web.

Will Epox-It by Specialty Resin & Chemical Work for Your Project?

Specialty Resin does not hold bubbles and it is easy to work with. You simply have to measure and pour. It will take care of the rest. It is relatively mess and hassle free, but provides a shine that can impress even the saviest epoxy user. We like the affordable price and every other aspect of using it. We like that it can seal in all of your treasures whether they are flat and placed on wood or sea shells placed on a plate of glass.

Bar Top Cured In Epoxy