TotalBoat TableTop Epoxy Review – Epoxy Countertop DIY

TotalBoat TableTop Epoxy Review

Epoxy has a variety of uses that may people may be unaware of. It can be used in both the marine environment and for household creativity ideas. In restaurants, it is typically what protects the table tops and gives them a high shine. By doing a little research, you can easily find an epoxy to give your table tops, bar tops, and other things a protective layer of gloss that is virtually impenetrable. What will you do with it?

Total Boat Counter Top Epoxy

Why Use TotalBoat Epoxy?

This epoxy is able to protect and preserve, as well as beautify all surface areas that you want to apply a glass finish to. It is ideal for decoupage, covering wood surfaces, covering concrete surfaces, and embedding objects to keep them safe.

This kit provides you with one quart resin and one quart hardener. This gives you a total of two-quarts if you mix it all at one time. If you need less, you can use less. You simply mix it together in a one to one ratio and start work on your projects.

It cures at room temperature and will never blush. You do not need to bring out the small torches or heat sources to work with this epoxy. This makes it very easy to use, even for beginners, but the coating will be beautiful enough for professionals.

When dry, it is completely waterproof. It is UV protected, but should not be used on surfaces that will be left outside, because over time it may yellow.

No Torches Needed To Remove Bubbles

Ideally, this epoxy should be used when temperatures are between 70-80 degrees. Once you mix the hardener and resin, you will have approximately 20 minutes of workable time when temperatures are at 70 degrees. Gel time is 30 minutes at 77 degrees.

You can apply multiple layers without sacrificing the final look. Each layer will provide a coverage that is 1/8” thick, which is ideal for encasement projects that you want to give a dimensional look. You should wait between 4-8 hours between layers and you will not have to sand it before applying the next layer.

Curing time is around 16-20 hours at 70 degrees. If the room temperature is warmer, it may be finished curing faster.

In the event that you want to color your epoxy. You can add dye to it to put color in it. This makes it ideal for putting a layer on white wood that needs a hint of color or glass items. Epoxy statues may also benefit from a little color instead of crystal clear.

Is TotalBoat Epoxy Resin Easy to Work With?

This product has received mixed reviews regarding how easy it is to work with. It holds steady with a 4.3 star rating, but there are some people who say even though the finished product looks great; it takes some effort to get it there. Some find it helpful to use a trowel when spreading the mixture to ensure it levels out quickly enough. There are a few who claim it has more bubbles than other types of epoxy. This can be remedied by using a heat gun. 

Counter Top Epoxy Application

The good news is; most people say that it is easy to work with. In fact, many have made several purchases for all of their projects and never had any issues.

Should You Consider This Mixture?

Total Boat Counter Top Epoxy

This is a very affordable epoxy and available in a manageable amount. We like that most people say it is easy to use. We do feel that a heat gun, or at the very least a blow dryer, may be a wise choice when using TotalBoat if you want to ensure fewer bubbles. However, bubbles may also be minimalized if you do not mix it for too long. Mix just long enough to ensure it is thoroughly mixed together. We feel that if you want to create a beautiful table, you will love the outcome with this kit. We do recommend that you follow all directions to ensure a total success, but feel that there are enough positive reviews to make it worth consideration. With that being said, you may want to practice with the mixture before you attempt to embed family heirlooms and other special treasures. Practice will ensure that you get the desired effect and do not have to worry about messing up your most important items.